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The EAPC has negotiated with the Plymouth and Carver schools to have a Sick Bank available for teachers who have the need for sick time but have run out of personal sick days.  There is a Sick Bank Committee in each town who votes on whether to approve Sick Bank days.

To apply to the sick bank, please click on the link below to download the application.  Once it is filled out, please send it to the EAPC office.  If you have any questions, please email Doreen Hancock at: sickbnk@plymouthcarvereducators.com

Plymouth Sick Bank Application Form:   You are allowed to send materials inter-office and to use the school e-mail system.

Plymouth, Doreen Hancock, Federal Furnace (elementary)

CARVER, please contact Tammy Johnson (CMHS)  or Jeff Mallon (CMHS)

1. Application for Benefits

a.    Application to the Sick Leave Bank Committee for benefits must be in writing to the Superintendent and must be accompanied by medical evidence of illness, submitted by certification, by a state-certified Medical Doctor, state-certified Chiropractor or a state-certified practicing medical specialist affiliated with a Medical Doctor.  A second opinion by a specialist in the area of the illness may be requested by the Sick Leave Bank Committee with costs paid for by the District.

b.    Application for benefits may be made prior to the employee's exhaustion of his/her own personal sick leave to expedite the process, but drawing upon the Bank will not actually commence until after the employee's own sick leave days are exhausted, adequate medical evidence has been provided, and the Sick Leave Bank Committee has approved the days; and in no event, unless the illness has exceeded ten (10) consecutive school days.  Under unusual circumstances, the Association may submit a written request on behalf of an eligible employee.

2. Composition of Committee and Criteria for Determining Eligibility

The sick leave bank shall be administered by a Sick Leave Bank Committee consisting of four (4) members. Two (2) members shall be designated by the Committee to serve at its discretion, and two (2) members shall be designated by the Association. The Sick Leave Bank Committee shall determine the eligibility for use of the bank and the amount of leave to be granted. All decisions of the Sick Leave Bank Committee shall be by majority vote. A tie vote shall constitute a denial of sick leave. The following criteria shall beĀ· used by the Sick Leave Bank Committee in administering the bank and in determining eligibility and amount of leave:

1. Adequate medical evidence of serious illness.
2. Prior utilization of all eligible sick leave.
3. Length of service in the Carver or Plymouth/Carver Schools."

Section F as follows:

""Upon retirement, an employee shall donate twenty percent (20%) of his or her accrued sick leave to the Sick Leave Bank."