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MASS CHILD GRANT - The EAPC still has $1,000.00 in the grant fund!

     Do you have a student who needs a new pair of sneakers, socks, spring clothes, glasses, or the necessary supplies to make them feel and be successful at school?
      Shop for what they need, complete the reimbursement form and include the receipt that ONLY has those things you wish to be reimbursed for. 

     Not sure if it is reimbursable?  Contact smclennan@massteacher.org. Scott will tell you if it is covered.

   Click link here for reimbursement form:


    Insurance Update:  Carver's increase in premiums 7% - the change the town was trying to get approved -and the Unions stopped - is scheduled for 15% increase!
    Plymouth's premium split will be 77.5% for the next two years. Be sure to check the Plymouth School's website for more information.
    Click on this link to see chart of 2015-2016 Plymouth health insurance copays: Link to Health Insurance Chart

     Click on this link to Plymouth Public Employees Insurance Agreement 2015-2018: PEC

    Carver Health Insurance Approval of Homerule Petition by town meeting has been filed with the legislature.

     All retiree benefits remain at 75/25 and future retirees are guaranteed 75/25 until 2025.
     The teacher's and paraprofessional's contribution rate remains at 25%. 

We look forward to seeing representatives from ALL schools Wed. September 28th.

                         President - Tom Pinto
                         Treasurer - Cindy Barber (thank you for taking on this very important position
                         Secretary - Katie LeCaro McGrath
                         Plymouth Secondary VP - Ann Marie Yule
                         Plymouth Elementary VP -  Tim Walt
                         Carver VP - Tammy Johnson

The MTA Summer Conference will be from Sunday, July 31 to Thursday, August 4, on the campus of the University of Massachusetts Amherst. The MTA is busy making arrangements for a full schedule of professional development opportunities, leadership and organizing trainings as well as social and recreational activities! All members are welcome to attend.


SEI Endorsement and RETELL Advisory No. 14
SEI Endorsement after July 1, 2016
For more information, go to www.massteacher.org/ell
Spring 2016 Wait-Listed Registrants
If you are wait-listed for a spring 2016 SEI Endorsement course, please remain on the waitlist and do not cancel your registration.
No-Cost Courses for the Next School Year
The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education is planning to provide no-cost courses during the 2016-2017 school year to accommodate educators who, during the 2015-2016 school year, were eligible to enroll in a no-cost SEI Endorsement course and:
      Enrolled in a course that was subsequently canceled by the department.
      Added themselves to a waitlist, but could not gain entrance into a course because no seats became available, or
      Applied for and were granted a hardship extension by the department or
      Received an ELL student after Jan. 15, 2016, when spring course registration closed.
Later this year, the department will be e-mailing those in the categories above with registration instructions for 2016-2017 school year courses. This includes those who received an ELL student after the close of spring 2016 registration. 
You are strongly advised to update your ELAR profile and include your physical address and a valid, permanent e-mail address that you check frequently (i.e., not a district-based e-mail or other e-mail address that is subject to change).
The 2016-2017 no-cost courses WILL NOT be available if you:
     Were not eligible to take a state-offered, no-cost course during your district's cohort training window.
     Were required to earn the endorsement during your district's cohort training window, but you did not enroll in a course or place yourself on a waitlist for a course prior to 9 a.m. on Jan. 15, 2016.
      Failed a no-cost course because you did not receive a passing grade or did not complete the course.
Summer classes will not be offered because educators must have access to a classroom.
Other routes for obtaining the endorsement include taking the SEI MTEL test or by requesting a transcript review.

District Funds Lost to Charter Schools

     Based on DESE estimates, Massachusetts public schools will lose $419 million. This total reflects the amount of Chapter 70 aid that will be diverted from the school district to one or more charter schools, minus the total amount of state reimbursement the district is estimated to receive.   

     These are the current DESE estimates of how much money Plymouth and Carver will lose to one or more Commonwealth charter schools in the current school year – fiscal year 2016.
     CARVER                     PLYMOUTH
       280,238                      5,804,510                   This does NOT include transportation costs!
    Visit the MTA's toolkit on charter schools for additional information.