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    $50.00 FOR A NEW PAIR OF SNEAKERS- Winter attire?


   Need winter clothes for students? click here for information

   Click link here for reimbursement form:


    Insurance Update:
    Click on this link to see chart of 2015-2016 Plymouth health insurance copays: Link to Health Insurance Chart

     Click on this link to Plymouth Public Employees Insurance Agreement 2015-2018: PEC

    Carver Health Insurance Approval of Homerule Petition by town meeting has been filed with the legislature.

     All retiree benefits remain at 75/25 and future retirees are guaranteed 75/25 until 2025.
     The teacher's and paraprofessional's contribution rate remains at 25%. 

Updated  contracts-click the link above.

MTA-ESP CONFERENCE  April 8-9 2016
Sea Crest Beach Hotel Falmouth, MA
Early Bird conference fee is $60 BEFORE February 26. Early Birds are more likely to get their first choice of workshops. Conference fees include workshops, Friday and Saturday meals and a social event.
The conference fee is $70 AFTER February 27.

If you have not applied for the grant you might want to look for more information and the grant application, visit massteacher.org/esp. Reimbursements of up to $125 will be provided after the conference is held.
First 9 members to submit reservations to office@plymouthcarvereducators.com will receive $85.00 stipend.

MTA annual meeting is coming up.  It takes place in Boston on Friday, May 13 and Saturday, May 14.  This meeting is a great opportunity to learn more about statewide education issues and MTA initiatives, policy and finances.  The EAPC has funds set aside to cover the cost of the hotel room (rooms are shared, though).  Parking reimbursement if you come for Saturday .  The EAPC offers a stipend for food.
We are allowed 26 delegates to the meeting.   If you are interested in going please email Linda McCarthy  at office@plymouthcarvereducators.com as soon as possible.
If we have more than 26 delegates apply, then we will have an election.

Meeting takes place at Hynes Convention Center in Back Bay.  We're staying at the Sheraton, which is attached. 
Friday, May 13 :  Business Session 12pm - 6pm.  Attendees may take a personal day if possible, or come up after school.  We all go to dinner together Friday night.
Saturday, May 14: Business Session 9am-3pm (roughly).
(Parking reimbursement if you come for the day)
Other Details:
Parking is something delegates should consider in advance.  EAPC does not cover this if you stay over night.   There is limited valet parking at the hotel, and pay garage parking in the area.  Also, the commuter rail/T is an option.
Looking for a summer experience?  Interested in the Democratic Process?

The Annual Meeting for the NEA will be held in Washington DC, July 2, 2016 through July 7, 2016.
The World's Largest Democratic Deliberative Assembly

Please contact office@plymouthcarvereducators if you are interested in attending BY FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 26.

The RA consists of some 8,000 delegates representing state and local affiliates, student members, retired members, and other segments of the united education profession.

The EAPC will give a stipend of $800.00 to two members that wish to attend.  We are allowed 8 delegates.  If there are more people interested than available slots, an election will take place.  The MTA has also given a stipend of $400.00 with proof of attendance to all meetings.

                                               District Funds Lost to Charter Schools

     Based on DESE estimates, Massachusetts public schools will lose $419 million. This total reflects the amount of Chapter 70 aid that will be diverted from the school district to one or more charter schools, minus the total amount of state reimbursement the district is estimated to receive.   

     These are the current DESE estimates of how much money Plymouth and Carver will lose to one or more Commonwealth charter schools in the current school year fiscal year 2016.
     CARVER                     PLYMOUTH
       280,238                      5,804,510                   This does NOT include transportation costs!
    Visit the MTA's toolkit on charter schools for additional information.